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7th March 2011

Caulmert has been appointed to undertake improvement works to a landfill Leachate system. In order to effectively manage the Leachate generation at the site and comply with legislative improvement conditions imposed upon them, Caulmert have successfully designed and gained approval from the Environment Agency to construct a series of seven extraction and seven monitoring wells that will be retrospectively drilled into the landfill by a specialist drilling contractor to intercept liquids within the waste mass known as Leachate.

The system will allow the effective extraction of the Leachate from the landfill for treatment elsewhere and allow the level of Leachate within the waste to be closely monitored.

Following scheme agreement from the statutory enforcing body – The Environment Agency (EA), Caulmert produced and procured a Contractor selection process in accordance with the Chartered Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) Ground Investigation 2nd Edition form of contract.

Caulmert will undertake the contract management of the appointed drilling Contractor and third party Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) of the construction, requiring the recording and presenting of as-built information to the EA for scheme approval.

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