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28th March 2011

Caulmert Limited has been appointed to prepare an Environmental Permit application for a new waste wood fuelled CHP (Combined Heat and Power) Plant at an existing waste facility. The wood burner will have a maximum annual capacity of 30.000tpa and utilise waste wood to produce electricity and heat. The site currently receive waste wood which is shredded, stockpiled and then used to form chipboard or is sent to landfill depending on demand. When the CHP plant become operational it will process waste timber to generate electricity and heat.

The shredded wood will be burnt within the plant in a controlled manner and the heat generated used to produce steam which will pass through a turbine to produce electricity. The condensed steam, as hot water, will be used within the heating system. This provides valuable renewable energy as well as ensuring that waste wood is diverted from landfill. and the new development will see all waste wood recycled to produce energy. The plant is expected to produce about 2.5MW of electricity and 5MW of heat.

Caulmert will prepare an environmental permit application for the wood burner which will need to comply with the requirements of the Waste Incineration Directive. Caulmert will also prepare a variation application for the exiting waste facility to regularise the changes that will be required on site as a result of the construction of the new plant.

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