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13th June 2011

Caulmert are pleased to announce the launch of their Environmental Management Systems service:

One of the most effective ways to minimise environmental risks, meet legislative requirements and demonstrate corporate governance, is through the implementation of an environmental management system (EMS). An effective EMS certified to ISO 14001 is suitable for all organisations large and small and can help them operate in a more cost efficient and environmentally responsible manner.The key benefits of implementing such a system are:

helping you operate in a cost efficient and environmentally responsible manner
may provide a competitive edge over non certified businesses when tendering
helping you identify existing and future relevant legislation
improved communication within the organisation
continual improvement which helps drive more efficient use of raw materials and enhanced performance leading to cost reductions
helping you address local concerns hopefully leading to improved relationships with your neighbours and customers
minimising the potential for environmental incidents and mitigating any impacts
Using a specialist consultant like Caulmert ensures the prompt implementation of the system, timely growth toward certification, and leaves Clients with sufficient time to manage their existing business. Caulmert can now provide the assistance that is need to implement a cost effective management system, tailored to Clients particular needs, guide Clients successfully through third party certification and registration of the system, and provide whatever ongoing support they may require following certification.

Caulmert can now provide a support package tailored to Clients own individual requirements and resources.

For any further information or enquiries please e-mail Caulmert at:

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