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1st September 2011

Caulmert Ltd receives further appointment for professional services associated with the development of composting facilities:

There is a rapidly expanding market for compost as we, collectively, wake up to the many benefits of using it and this is being fuelled by the UK’s waste management strategy. This, in turn, is being driven by the EU directive on landfill, which specifies very challenging targets for the reduction in the burying of biodegradable waste.

In other words, the country is being compelled (with good reason) to take composting seriously and this will create spiralling demand in a number of sectors – particularly horticulture, agriculture and landscaping. To satisfy this demand, the UK needs to ensure that there are sufficient producers of quality compost.

(WRAP 2011)

Caulmert has been appointed by a major waste operator to develop a composting facility to help meet the local authorities recycling targets. The new appointment calls on our professional services to:

Obtain the Local Planning Authority’s initial view regarding the proposed development;
Preparation of a Supporting Planning Statement;
Pre-application consultation with representative of the Local Planning Authority;
Preparation of planting proposals intended to strengthen the existing landscaping;
Preparation and submission of an application for full planning permission for the proposed development (including engineering statement);
Monitoring the progress of the planning application and responding to the Local Planning Authority, as required;
Preparation and submission of Environmental Permit Application;
Liaison with the Client regarding the detailed operation of the proposed composting slab; including the location of screening and shredding plant and equipment;
Preparation of detailed design drawing and specification;
Preparation of tender documents;
Tender process / review and Contract award;
Act as CDM Co-ordinator;
Act as Resident and Construction Quality Assurance supervision engineer;
Provision of materials testing;
Project management.
Caulmert is able to draw on all its in house professional services to deliver the project, which commenced in August 2011 and is programmed to become operation in summer 2012.

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