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12th October 2011

Caulmert are pleased to be appointed on a 3 year term contract for analysing monitoring data and production of interpretive reports for all of a County Councils closed landfill sites in the south of England.

Monitoring is a long-term commitment that accompanies the development, operation and post-closure management of all landfill sites. Landfill sites that contain biodegradable or other polluting wastes may need to be monitored for periods of up to 50 years or more after completion of landfilling during the site’s aftercare period (as defined by the Landfill Regulations).

Caulmert will provide technical analysis on the monitoring data for leachate, gas, groundwater and surface water for waste management licensing and PPC purposes so as to comply with the Landfill Regulations. The reports produced will form the principle means of collating, reviewing, analysing and submitting monitoring data to the Environment Agency.

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