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26th October 2011

Caulmert has prepared and submitted planning applications for the redevelopment of the former Frome gas works for residential purposes and for the erection of a “Bat Barn” following the demolition of the existing buildings on the site.

The application site was used, until the late 1930’s, for the manufacture of town gas, which created a legacy of ground contamination. The subsequent industrial use of the site has now ceased and the current proposals for residential development seek to bring this “previously developed land” back into beneficial use, facilitate the remediation of the site and promote new housing development in a highly sustainable location close to Frome Town Centre.

All of the existing buildings on the site are to be demolished and one or two contain a small number of summer bat roosts. Since bats are a protected species, planning permission is also being sought for the erection of a “Bat Barn” which will provide alternative roosting opportunities, adjacent to established foraging corridors, and will fully mitigate the loss of existing roosts.

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