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4th November 2011

Caulmert are continuing their collaboration with several Local Authorities, helping them gain the maximum income from their landfills (previously often seen purely as liabilities).

In particular, one Local Authority has asked us to consider all the positive and negative aspects of taking over the running of the landfill gas to energy plant at one of their sites when the current management agreement ends in 18 months’ time. Questions that have to be answered vary from the relatively straightforward “what income could we expect?” to the more complex “who owns the cable running from the plant to the grid connection?” or “do the grandfathered ROC rights apply to the plant or the operator?”

Building on our experience from helping other Local Authorities manage and profit from their closed landfills, Caulmert are putting together a complete business case considering every aspect affecting the income from the site under a range of scenarios. The range of specialisations and experience of Caulmert’s staff allow this complete package to be produced in-house, permitting a seamless delivery of this complex process.

With the recent and continuing loss of Local Authority in-house expertise from job losses, the demand for such seamless delivery of support packages to the Public Sector continues to increase. Caulmert continues to provide everything from routine monitoring (for pollution control) to complex Environmental, Engineering, Planning and Permitting services to an ever-widening range of public and private sector clients.”

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