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11th November 2011

The Coal Authority is a statutory consultee on planning applications in coalfield areas. During 2010 the Coal Authority re-assessed the public safety risks associated with coal and coal workings and piloted a more proactive and consistent risk based approach to the Development Management processes. The Coal Authority has introduced this new risk based approach, on a phased basis, to all coalfield Local Planning Authorities in England, Scotland and Wales.

The Coal Authority has defined specific ‘Coal Mining Development Referral Areas’. These are areas, based upon Coal Authority records, where the potential land stability and other safety risks associated with former coal mining activities are likely to be greatest.

For all new development proposals within Coal Mining Development Referral Areas that require planning permission, except householder developments, the Coal Authority require a Coal Mining Risk Assessment to be prepared and submitted with the planning application to the Local Planning Authority.

Caulmert has prepared several coal mining risk assessments for a number of private developers in connection with the potential development of industrial, commercial and residential properties. As a result of the thorough approach adopted by Caulmert, all of our coal mining risk assessments, and the remedial strategies proposed therein, have been approved by the Coal Authority and the Local Planning Authority.

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