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2nd December 2011

Caulmert are pleased to announce that they have been appointed by Anglesey County Council to provide technical support in relation to optimising all aspects of Penhesgyn Landfill gas management system. Provision of services include:

Liaison and coordination with relevant stakeholders in relation to the Penhesgyn landfill gas management system;
Support with trading of ROCs, LECs, REGOs, TRIADs, to include transfer of certificates, checking of generation statements, verification and analysis of data;
Preparation of projected future landfill gas generation and income assumptions;
Technical support in relation to on-site activities, including gas field balancing, landfill gas monitoring and matters relating to the gas engine;
Managing the procurement and project management of any required gas field remediation work, eg installation of new boreholes, re-laying of pipework etc;
Technical reviews;
Coordinating any necessary data and reporting to/liaison with the Environment Agency.

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