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11th June 2012

Hydropower is a continuous process over the winter months when demand for electricity is at its highest. The mechanics of hydro power schemes are inherently simple and if properly maintained they will outlive many of the other forms of renewable energy production.

Applying for and developing a viable, cost-effective hydropower scheme can be challenging and daunting. Caulmert has combined our in-house expertise in order to provide advice and solutions to landowners and communities developing small scale river hydro projects. Caulmert can help throughout the whole process from a feasibility assessment, design, procurement and operation and can help support the scheme’s future sustainability, whilst supporting the UK’s responsible commitment to climate change.

Our expert hydrological and environmental capabilities, alongside our close working relationships with stakeholder groups such as the Environment Agency, CCW and Local Authorities will allow us to fully exploit the generating capacity of this resource, helping to guide you through the entire process.

Before developing a hydropower scheme, our multi-disciplinary team can help you to decide if a scheme is really for you by carrying out a detailed feasibility assessment. The initial feasibility assessment would include a river flow analysis, an investigation into hydropower scheme costs considering eligibility of Feed-In Tariffs, installation fees depending on the turbine type and size of the scheme (as approved by MCS) and costs of any engineering/ design and construction works.

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