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29th June 2012

A Waste Recovery Plan and Bespoke Permit Application submitted by Caulmert on behalf of a leading UK Aggregates company has been approved by the Environment Agency.

The sand and gravel quarry situated in Northampton was granted planning permission for an extension of quarry operations in December 2009. Under the planning consent, parts of the extension are required to be restored to agricultural land. To achieve this end, spreading of suitable inert wastes is required to raise the land before final restoration with soils retained from the initial excavation.

Following mineral extraction, overburden and up to 1.5 million tonnes of inert waste is required for the reinstatement with in-situ subsoils and topsoil to achieve original ground level.

A Paragraph 9 exemption was previously in place for the purpose of spreading inert waste in those areas. However, due to changes to the exemption system, this exemption came to an end and therefore an environmental permit was required.

Caulmert were commissioned to prepare the Waste Recovery Plan followed by a bespoke environmental permit application for the deposit of waste on land as a recovery operation. The issued Permit allows upto 1.54 million tonnes of waste to be deposited. Waste acceptance procedures were also prepared by Caulmert in support of the permit application process.

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