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19th November 2012

Caulmert have just completed the contract management and CQA supervision of the first phase of the capping and restoration of a large non-hazardous landfill in the south-east of England.

The works followed an assessment by Caulmert of landfill void balanced against the availability and movement of ex-site materials for the clay cap.

Caulmert have now been instructed to prepare contract documents for the restoration works to be carried out during 2013 and this will require the movement of around 300,000m3 of soils over several months.

Caulmert project manager, Dr Neil Arber, commented ‘Making sure there is continuity of landfill void and minimal disruption to landfill gas and leachate management facilities is key for our client and we are working closely together in programming the works to optimise landfill activities.’

The photograph shows the leading edge of the clay cap with the restoration soils above. A landfill gas extraction well can be seen protruding through the cap formation layer.

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