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6th December 2012

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) publish useful safety topics in relation to the Construction Industry. These topics cover all aspects of construction but an interesting topic which all clients, developers, designers and contractors should be aware of is that of ‘structural stability during temporary works such as alterations, demolition and dismantling’. Within the guidelines, the HSE states;
“The law says that all alteration, demolition and dismantling work should be carefully planned and carried out by competent people to avoid unplanned structural collapse.

The law requires commercial clients to provide contractors with relevant information about a building’s structure, including stability and structural form and any significant design assumptions, suggested work methods and sequences. The contractor must then use that information to plan and carry out the work safely.”

These topics, as well as other useful tips and guidelines to ensure you are working safely, can be found on the HSE website:

Should you require any further details please contact: for Structural Engineering for Health and Safety/ CDMC Services

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