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19th July 2013

Our Environmental Team has been commissioned to prepare a noise and dust impact assessment to form part of a planning application for the removal and working of a section of a slate waste tip, located in North Wales.

The noise impact assessment will be prepared as required by the Welsh Government ‘Mineral Planning Guidance 11 (MPG11): The Control of Noise at Surface Mineral Workings’ and will include a background noise monitoring survey, prediction of site noise and a noise impact assessment at the nearest noise sensitive receptors, as per the requirements of BS4142:1997.

The dust impact assessment will be prepared using the methodology referred to in the Welsh Government ‘Minerals Planning Policy Wales (MPPW)’. The assessment will include a review of the existing baseline conditions including the principal existing dust sources in the locality, the location of residential areas, schools and other dust-sensitive land uses, the local topography, and meteorology; identification of site activities that could lead to dust emission; identification of site parameters which may increase potential impacts from dust; and recommendations regarding mitigation measures and site design modifications.

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