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25th July 2013

Caulmert are pleased to be appointed to provide consultancy services for the design, build and commissioning of a Leachate Treatment Plant at a Landfill Site in the Midlands. The Plant will be required to treat leachate from the landfill site such that it meets the requirements of the landfill site’s discharge consent prior to disposing it to the local foul sewer. The two main contaminants for treatment are ammoniacal nitrogen and dissolved organic compounds measured as COD and BOD and the well-established optimum process for achieving this is by aerobic biodegradation.

The appointment included:-

the initial stage of identifying, reviewing and screening of potential options;
feasibility and cost analysis benefit;
technical support on blending/mixing of leachate and discharge consents;
Identification of treatment technology and systems;
Outline and infrastructure design (geotechnical, civils, structures);
advising on appropriate forms of contract;
tender and contract preparation;
project, contract management and supervision (inclusive of CQA).

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