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16th August 2013

Building upon our successful track record in promoting renewable energy generation, Caulmert’s planners have secured further commissions for the provision of planning advice in respect of the proposed development of both ground and building mounted solar photovoltaic arrays. We have already obtained planning permissions for a number of solar arrays and the latest appointments reflect our growing planning expertise in this field. Recent successes include the proposed installation of solar arrays on previously developed land and on operational sites, where the “green” electricity generated has been either exported to the Grid or used to power machinery and equipment on site

Our planners are also progressing proposals for the development of biomass facilities which are intended to replace the use of fuel oil and to reduce the clients’ carbon footprint and energy costs.

In addition, we are presently undertaking a planning appeal against the refusal of planning permission for the erection of two wind turbines; we have also secured planning permission for proposed anaerobic digesters and for the extension of planning permission for a proposed gasification plant.

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