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9th December 2013

Caulmert have been appointed to provide consultancy services for the initial land development for a proposed new Fire Station & Police Post. The comprehensive assessment will include:

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1. Desktop study to cover:

contaminated land survey
geotechnical survey
2. Site investigation:

(i) assessment of the suitability of ground within in the site area to include:

– trial pits and window samples sufficient to inform choice of foundation solution and to determine allowable ground bearing pressures for foundation design

– Infiltration tests to determine infiltration rate to inform surface water soak-away design

– CBR tests for hardstanding areas

– Interpretive report to include recommendations for foundation solutions, formation depth, allowable ground bearing pressure and design sulphate class to be adopted in foundation design

– Recommendations for Radon/ground gas protection measures if required

(ii) Contaminated land investigation

3. Ecological survey

4. BREEAM Report and 5 year Management Plan

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