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21st February 2014

Due to the lack of capacity to undertake a full polymer sort of incoming mixed plastics at existing Materials Recycling Facilities in the UK, many of the plastic “pots, tubs and trays” are blended with plastic bottle fractions and exported as “mixed plastic polymer” to the Far East for recycling.

Planning permission has now been granted for the development of a plastics sorting facility in Rochester. The facility, once operational, will enable the incoming mixed plastics to be sorted into seven different polymer types, covering the predominant grades within a household plastic mix. This increased level of sorting will enhance the range of opportunities available for the recycling and re-use of the polymers. The site of the approved development occupies a sensitive location in close proximity to a potential World Heritage Site.

Caulmert guided the proposed development through the planning process, drawing upon other in-house specialisms, including flood risk, noise and contaminated land assessments.

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