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16th April 2014

The Environment Agency and the Environmental Permit require the ongoing management and phased restoration of a landfill site operated by Durham County Council. This will involve the development of a permanent cap over the existing uncapped areas of previous waste placement, extending the existing gas management scheme and developing a scheme for the long term management of surface water from the site as a whole.

Caulmert, through a competitive tendering process, have been appointed by NEPRO, the neutral vendor solution for specialist professional services, to supply technical and expert knowledge as well as to provide designs and management strategies to enable Durham County Council to comply with their regulatory requirements.

As part of Durham County Council’s waste strategy, the appointment will include:-

Detailed engineering design, the preparation of specifications and construction quality assurance plans as well as validation reports for the capping, restoration and surface water management schemes. The detailed design will include slope and capping system stability calculations and engineering solutions to accommodate the existing steep waste slopes.
Provide on-site construction quality assurance supervision throughout the engineering construction works.
Detailed engineering design and specifications for the development of a surface water management scheme for the whole site.
Detailed engineering design and specifications for the extension of the gas and leachate management scheme, inclusive of infrastructure and control systems.
Project management and liaison with NEPRO, Durham County Council and the Environment Agency throughout the design and construction phases.

The project commenced on 22nd April 2014 and the first phase of the works is programmed to be complete by the end of the year.

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