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5th January 2015

We are delighted to announce that our environmental team has recently been awarded a 24 month contract to monitor air quality for a major development in Wales.

The Client is looking to characterise the environmental conditions at the new development. This will involve the measurement of airborne salt concentrations in the local atmosphere via air sampling, measurement and assessment of meteorological data and inspection of coated test panels exposed to the atmosphere.

Measurements that will need to be taken on location include:-
• Meteorological measurements. This will involve the assessment of meteorological data obtained via telemetry from a weather station to be installed on site.

• Airborne chloride measurements – Involves sampling of the local air into solution and subsequent analysis of the solution for dissolved species.

• Salt deposition measurements – Involves measuring of salt deposition onto stainless steel test panels by removal into solution and subsequent analysis of the solution. Salt deposition measurements will be done using a clean wipe method. The panel to be inspected will be wiped with a clean wipe which will then be leached into solution. Contents of the solution will then be analysed for dissolved species.

• Coating inspection – Involves a standard inspection of coated test panels against ISO standards. Coating inspection will be performed to BS EN ISO 4628 – 2, 3, 4 and 5. These are standard basic inspections to evaluate blistering, rusting, cracking and flaking of test pieces respectively.

This exciting appointment adds to our expanding portfolio of large scale environmental projects and highlights our commitment to working in Wales from our head office in Bangor, and our new office at St Asaph Business Park.

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