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18th May 2015

Agraferm Technologies AG, which is based in Pfaffenhofen, Germany, designs and builds Anaerobic Digestion plants. It is one of the few full service providers of turnkey agricultural and industrial biogas plants in Europe, which operates internationally.

Caulmert has been appointed by Agraferm for assistance with the structural and civils elements required as part of the construction of an Anaerobic Digestion facility. Services required include:

  1. Design Services and Engineering Detailing;
  2. Preparation of Bill of Quantities;
  3. Tender Documents (Based on NEC3 (Option B))
  4. Facilitation of Tender process and Contract Award;

The facility will use about 50,000 tonnes p.a feedstock (~ 60/40 liquid/solid) to generate biogas through an anaerobic digestion process and the biogas then acts as the fuel for a combined heat and power unit to produce electricity that is to be fed in to the National Power Grid.

The liquid and solid digestate also produced by the process will be used as an odour free, nutrient rich fertilizer and returned to the fields to the benefit of the next year’s crop.

The major design elements of the civil and structural engineering contract include:

  1. Earthworks cut/fill – re-grade of site, containment bunds and landscaped areas on site;
  2. Site access road;
  3. Perimeter fencing;
  4. Surface water and foul drainage;
  5. Impermeable secondary containment for 4 pre-cast or in-situ concrete tanks;
  6. Access / hardstanding areas to a compost storage shed;
  7. Several steel framed agricultural / industrial buildings including:- reception hall, dryer equipment hall, storage shed for dry compost, ancillary shed, electricity sub-station building
  8. The Control Room and Pump Room enclosures
  9. Silage Clamps including bases and retaining walls
  10. Reinforced concrete foundations and bases to ancillary equipment and tanks;
  11. Isolated plant bases, below ground chambers, insitu reinforced concrete structures;
  12. Ducting and concrete bases for pipe supports and cable trays;
  13. Further aprons and parking areas etc. on the site;
  14. Site office and weighbridge

Commencement of construction is anticipated in August 2015.

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