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12th August 2015

Engineering, environmental and planning consultancy specialist Caulmert is celebrating a series of contract wins for renewable energy projects in Wales.

The St Asaph-based firm is currently working on solar, hydro-electric, wind and anaerobic digestion projects across north and mid-Wales.

The schemes form part of Caulmert’s portfolio of planning and consultancy services across a range of construction and engineering disciplines.

North Wales renewables projects managed by Caulmert include:

  1. Planning, design, project management and public consultation services for nine separate solar developments, including a 50MW capacity solar array on a 100-hectare site in Deeside.
  2. Management, design and development services for an anaerobic digestion plant on Anglesey, which will convert 50,000 tonnes of feedstock into 2MW of renewable energy every year. The Anglesey plant is one of four AD projects managed by Caulmert.
  3. Public engagement, project management, planning and ecology services for a 250kw wind turbine development in mid-Wales.
  4. Design advice in respect of a series of structures associated with the development of two hydro-electricity generating schemes in North Wales.
  5. The provision of planning advice relating to the proposed development of an energy from waste plant in mid-Wales, utilising waste wood as the primary feedstock.

Mike Caulfield, managing director of Caulmert, said: “We’ve provided consultancy advice on a range of renewables projects of late and, in particular, on a number of proposed solar arrays.

“Obviously news of an end to some Government subsidies for solar farms is likely to have a negative impact on the viability and funding of such developments but, for the time being, we’re still very busy in that particular field.”

“I think our expertise and successful track record in handling the planning aspects of these projects is what’s prompting many of the enquiries we’re receiving.”

 “In view of the Government’s climate change commitments and the Wales Government’s overall objectives of moving towards a low carbon economy and optimizing renewable energy generation, renewables is definitely a growth area for us.”

As well as the renewable projects, Caulmert is currently applying its broad base of expertise in engineering, environmental and planning services to a range of other projects, including schools, infrastructure and commercial developments.


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