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29th July 2016

A chartered geologist with a track record managing projects for leading blue chip industrial clients has been appointed director of environmental services by fast-growing consultancy Caulmert.

Celia Pendlebury has joined to the employee-owned engineering, environmental and planning consultancy firm from industry giant AECOM.

She will head up a team of technical experts in the environmental services department

Celia, who will be based at the firm’s Nottingham office, started her career in the North Sea oil industry before moving to South Africa to work on gold, diamond and platinum resources for its government. She moved into consultancy following the establishment of the UK’s environmental regulatory regime.

Since then she has worked on projects within the industrial and manufacturing, commercial, real estate, utilities, financial, construction, and oil & gas sectors.

She said: “The requirement to comply with environmental regulations will always be there. Coupled with this are new, often unexpected challenges that our clients face; whether it arises from climate change, or from Brexit. The need to ensure business resilience, maintain stakeholder accountability and demonstrate tangible energy reductions impacts on all of us and can be achieved through strategic planning and control.

“My vision sees Caulmert as a one-stop-shop service provider in the field of responsible environmental management.

“We want to help our clients realise the full value, in both economic and ecological terms, of their assets and operations. We can assist them in meeting their corporate social responsibility (CSR) objectives, managing their liabilities, and streamlining their business premises or activities towards more sustainable practices.”

Founded in 2009, Caulmert employs 45 specialists and is currently recruiting for a number of additional posts.

The firm, whose projects span the UK, from the Hebrides to the Isle of Wight, counts among its clients Stoke City FC, BET365TGI Fridays and Airbus.

Celia added: “I joined Caulmert because of its acclaimed reputation for customer care and its considerable growth potential.”

Celia graduated from Aberystwyth University in geology. She has an MSc from Imperial College in mineral exploration and a post-graduate diploma in environmental protection from Birmingham City University.

Experienced in contaminated land management, transactional advice, audit, remediation, environmental monitoring and impact assessments, her wider interests include bee-keeping.

Caulmert founder and managing director Mike Caulfield said:

Celias extensive experience across a broad range of skills makes her the ideal person to manage and mould our environmental team, as we take on more complex projects for bigger clients.”

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