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28th July 2017

Caulmert has secured planning permission for substantial extensions to a dwelling house within the adopted Cheshire Green Belt, effectively doubling the original floor area.

 The detached building is relatively small, but set within large grounds, and has been the subject of various unsympathetic additions over time, including conservatory and car port extensions. Given the limited accommodation and floor area of the original building, our client wanted to demolish these additions and add a two storey rear extension, one and a half side extension together with a garage.

Although Green Belt policy is particularly restrictive in terms of proposals for any increase in floor area, due in part to the impact of any development on the openness of the Green Belt, we were able to provide advice to our client on the best way to achieve their wishes, by firstly seeking a determination from the local planning authority on what can be developed at the site without requiring planning permission. With a positive determination secured, we were then able to successfully negotiate the increase in floor area sought in the planning application with the local planning authority.

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