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27th April 2018

The Environment Agency recently launched their new permitting charge scheme which came into effect on April 1st 2018.

According to the EA the new charges have been introduced to pay for the full cost of the services they receive after charges for permits and other regulatory services have remained static for 7 years.

The EA have stated that the aim is that businesses which are well managed and present a low environmental risk should be charged less and those which pose a greater risk to the environment are charged more.

Caulmert have been involved in a number of permit applications, permit surrenders and permit variations since the new scheme kicked in at the beginning of April. Notable changes include the removal of OPRA score sheets and the introduction of a simplified charging framework which should provide greater clarity on what the fee includes. Furthermore, applicants are now charged separately for additional management plans and supporting information, for instance a Fire Prevention Plan is £1,241 and a dust and bio-aerosol management plan costs £620 as well as the fee associated with the activity.

There is a variation in cost increase and reduction across the permitting categories with most categories seeing a rise in fees. If you want to find out more about the scheme or need assistance keeping up with the latest changes contact Caulmert for more details or email The Environment Agency Permitting Charge Scheme can be found here:

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