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Caulmert Limited provides engineering, environmental and planning consultancy services to our clients. We recognise that how we manage our business and assist in the management of our clients’ businesses has an impact on the environment. We believe that through awareness and effective management systems, social and environmental performance coincides with economic success.

Corporate Responsibility

The Board of Caulmert Limited will ensure that the responsibility for environmental issues is clearly defined and understood throughout the company and that all its activities are conducted in a manner that are designed to promote awareness of environmental issues and seek to protect the environment from the risk of pollution.


Caulmert Limited will comply with, and wherever practicable exceed, existing environmental and other pertinent legislative requirements at all stages of our business activities.


Caulmert Limited recognises the importance of our relationship with all stakeholders: clients, employees, the public, contractors and shareholders. We will communicate this policy to them, report annually on our environmental performance and engage with stakeholders so as to understand and consider their expectations in the way that we manage and undertake our business.


We are committed to the highest levels of environmental performance and it is the ultimate responsibility of the senior management to ensure that the environmental management system is fully implemented, documented and maintained to ensure and to aid our commitment to the prevention of pollution. We are committed to the continual improvement and management of the system and committed to compliance with legislation and ISO 14001, with regards to our aspects and impacts.

Continued Improvement and Development

Caulmert Limited will measure and monitor progress by setting environmental objectives and targets based on our significant environmental aspects and impacts to ensure the development and continuous improvement of our environmental performance.

Through all aspects of our management and service delivery Caulmert Limited will seek to:

  • promote the development and use of energy obtained through renewable resources,
  • seek to use energy efficiently and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,
  • minimise our waste generation and maximise reuse, recycling and energy recovery from waste,
  • use suppliers or contractors that have environmental standards compatible with our own wherever possible,
  • comply with, and continuously seek to improve, our health and safety, quality and environmental management systems in place for our business activities, communicate our policy through our website and making it freely available.

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