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On 6th October 2008, civil engineer Michael Caulfield and environmental consultant Dr. Åsa Kolmert Strickland founded the environmental, engineering and planning consultancy in North Wales. The Company name ‘Caulmert’ being derived from the combination of surname and maiden name (Caulfield & Kolmert).

In less than 10 years that have followed, the business has rapidly grown providing professional consultancy services from their offices throughout the UK and internationally. The company has achieved commendations for business ethics and professional services and is ranked to be one of the futures leading UK registered consultants. Now owned by its founders and employees, it continues to maintain and promote its unique culture using the business principles’ that were originally set out.

From initially providing small scale environmental and engineering services within the waste sector, Caulmert’s reputation now thrives in other sectors such as education, residential, industrial, retail, leisure and environment with a considerable breadth of expertise for delivering multi million pound development projects.

Today, Caulmert is still clearly focused on its ambitious growth plans, enjoying a solid reputation for being a people focused company operating with honour and integrity in delivering its professional services to its clients.

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