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Our values guide the way we work with our Clients, our stakeholders, within our communities and with each other.

Through honour, integrity, engagement, accountability, passion, humility, simplicity and a focus on success, we have created a vibrant company culture where ideas can blossom, people can thrive and success can flourish.

As an employee owned company we ensure that Caulmert retains its independent spirit. Caulmert’s operating principles and commitment to sustainability is paramount. These shared values unify the team at Caulmert – an ambitious and diverse group of individuals; freely exchanging ideas and sharing opinions.

Our approach to our values is underpinned by our commitment to championing best practice standards for management and equipping our business with the tools to succeed. Caulmert is accredited with the prestigious Investors In People silver award as recognition for its high performance through people.


We are all proud to be part of the Caulmert team because of our:

  • Professionalism
  • Client Care
  • Innovative & Forward Thinking
  • Unity
  • Camaraderie



  • We use the right people on our projects – and not just whoever happens to be available at the time
  • Any oversight – we hold our hands up and then we put it right
  • We capture and apply industry best practices
  • We adhere to all professional codes, standards and industry protocols
  • We are honest, fair and reasonable in all our dealings with clients and staff

Client Care

  • We listen carefully to our clients to understand their priorities and then devise appropriate solutions
  • We respectfully challenge our clients and propose new approaches/alternatives that may be more beneficial
  • We seek to build long term, trusting, relationships with all our clients
  • We work hard to develop client confidence
  • We maintain good communication with clients – keeping them well-informed throughout the project stages

Innovative & Forward Thinking

  • We look to the future and seek to lead and be at the forefront of new developments
  • We are receptive to fresh ideas and new thinking from whatever source
  • We embrace diversity and welcome people from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences
  • We seek to be ahead of the curve in our ways of working and use of new technologies
  • We track new developments happening within our environment and always strive to lead by example at the forefront


  • We are one team – we are inclusive and strive to make everyone feel a part of Caulmert
  • We are open in our communication
  • Our senior managers and Directors are easily accessible
  • We recognise, value and praise our colleague’s achievements and contributions;
  • We celebrate our successes and know that all our efforts are appreciated;
  • We treat our colleagues as we would like to be treated ourselves
  • We all contribute to developing our plans and in reviewing our progress


  • Everyone contributes towards the creation of a positive and enjoyable working environment
  • We promote a welcoming and sociable office environment
  • Wherever possible, we allow people to do the tasks they enjoy doing and where they have aptitude and interest
  • We encourage everyone to become involved in a variety of projects as we believe it’s important to expose the team to several/varying aspects of the business in order for them to develop.
  • We encourage participation in community and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities



What ‘Investors In People’ said about Caulmert:

  • There is a well formed strategic growth plan, which identifies key positions needed for future recruitment/development.
  • Team strategies are being developed in line with the key business strategy, identifying sectorial developments and resource requirements, including team training needs.
  • Continuous improvement is evident.
  • Good role modelling by directors – professionalism, encouraging development, fluid communication, flexibility, commitment to growing the business, continuous learning.
  • The culture created by leaders is open and approachable, trusting, accountable and respectful.
  • Good practice and information sharing
  • Work life balance issues are considered and addressed. There is a fair, considerate, flexible approach to flexible working, which is supports both individuals and the business and a good marketing point for future recruitment and retention.
  • People interviewed feel appreciated, resulting in a high level of motivation.
  • There is a high level of ownership and responsibility. People are encouraged to make suggestions and ideas for improvement.
  • The recruitment and selection process is clearly linked to the growth plan and several people are involved in interviews including team members. Job descriptions and job specifications support the recruitment process.

There is clearly a strong investment in people and the potential for the business to move forward further through diversification is clear.

People enjoy working for Caulmert and everyone interviewed is committed to developing the business.

Having carried out the review process in line with the quality assurance guidelines monitored by Investors in People Wales, I confirm that Caulmert continues to meet the requirements of the Investors in People Core Standard and also meets the requirements of the SILVER award.

Achieving Silver additional accreditation shows you are forward thinking in cascading best practice throughout your organisation and that you demonstrate a progressive approach to business improvement through people.

On behalf of Investors in People

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