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North Wales Housing Association Development

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Caulmert has recently been commissioned to provide a range of planning consultancy services in connection with Housing Association development in North Wales.

Developments include no.45 dwellings with a 50% (23) affordable housing element. The remaining 50% (22) would be market housing to ensure viability. The site was a former primary school which required the submission of a range of supporting studies and documents which were collated by Caulmert.

A further commission involves the production of a Planning Policy Statement to justify the loss of a protected open space which had been a historic policy protection which led to the conclusion that the site should be released for affordable housing development.

Caulmert’s planners, who work on behalf of a number of Registered Social Landlords, have considerable experience in the affordable housing and residential sector and are able to provide clients with clear and professional advice on their proposals and guidance on the most appropriate way to secure the desired outcome.

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