Digital Drafting & Modelling

BIM Services

Building Information modelling (BIM) is becoming a necessity for new build construction projects, however, it also has the potential to transform the way existing buildings are managed.

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Our DDM team can provide both pre-construction collaborative design information and digitalisation of existing assets in the form of integrated 3D models, through the use of the latest Autodesk products. We have the ability to embed data within the modelled elements so that they can be linked directly to the relevant specification clause and exported as an IFC model or Cobie spreadsheet.

We can convert 3D laser scans into Revit models including all current building elements and their associated information such as cost, construction material and condition, this is a powerful tool to help optimise building maintenance, building operations and asset management.

Civil Drafting Services

Using the latest digital terrain modelling software, we are able to create complex earthwork models, comprehensive volume (cut/ fill), cross sections, level difference models (isopachytes) and much more. This information can then be used on site for setting out, or as an output to machine to control equipment, or presented as simple AutoCAD drawings.

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We also offer a comprehensive drainage detailing service using Civils 3D and Micro-drainage. We can model the drainage design allowing for full coordination of above and below ground drainage. This helps when coordinating with foundations, steelwork by highlighting any clashes / issues before work commences on site.

We also use the latest Swept path analysis software, to analysis the movement and turning capabilities of any vehicle accessing or manoeuvring around your site.

Structural Drafting Services

Our experienced technicians specialise in utilising the latest technology to its full potential, and producing high quality accurate structural drawings. We have vast experience of working on small, medium and large scale projects. Our services include the modifications of existing structures, as well as the detailing of new developments.

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Within our team we offer detailing services in respect of a full range of materials, including concrete (including reinforcement detailing and scheduling), steel, timber and masonry.

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Measured Building Surveys:

Whether your survey is large or small, we can accommodate your requirements. We have a vast amount of experience of measured surveys and can provide floor plans and elevations with varying levels of detail, from simple walls, columns, doors and windows survey to a fully detailed data set including 3D information.

2D Drafting

There is still a strong everyday requirement for 2D drafting. Using Autodesk’s latest software, we offer a full range of services from a simple concept sketch to detailed construction drawings. We can tailor our CAD standards to create a consistent, professional appearance to suit your company requirements.

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Our paper to CAD service converts existing drawings, scanned or hard copies into dimensionally accurate AutoCAD drawing files to be used for the design of proposed work, planning applications or simply to keep a digital copy of the existing building information.

CAD Support & Standards

Streamline project delivery and create a consistent, professional appearance to your drawing output. Our DDM Team can help you promote your professional image and create processes, procedures and formatting of CAD Standards that your company can adopt to ensure quality documentation, continuity, branding and familiarity.

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We also offer a CAD support service which can help you with day to day issues such as layer management, plot styles, title blocks and Xrefs.

CAD Support & Standards

Our environmental team can assist with various aspects of leachate management, and has been involved in leachate management projects from the initial planning state of leachate management at the start-up of a landfill site, to dealing with leachate post-closure.

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We are able to assist with feasibility studies, option appraisals, water balance calculations, HAZOP studies as well as project and contract management of leachate treatment plant construction.

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