Air Quality Assessments

Our environmental team provide a comprehensive package of air quality and odour services tailored towards individual client requirements. Such assessments may include:

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  • Initial risk assessment of odour, dust, pollution and nuisance
  • Air quality impact assessment in support of planning or environmental permit applications
  • Air quality dispersion modelling using GasSim2 and AERMOD
  • Design and implementation of landfill gas, particulate and odour management plans
  • Workplace air quality with regard to workplace exposure limits
  • Bioaerosol risk assessment
  • Design and implementation of air quality, particulates or odour monitoring surveys

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring is required in most industrial and commercial developments in order to satisfy both investigative and statutory requirements. Our team is experienced in the collection and assessment of environmental data from a broad range of sources. We are able to provide monitoring and sampling services for the following:

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  • Air quality
  • Bioaerosols
  • Dust
  • Ground gas
  • Landfill gas
  • Noise
  • Soil, aggregates and waste
  • Surface water, groundwater, leachate and wastewate

Environmental Permitting

Our permitting team provide comprehensive environmental permitting advice and has technical experts on hand that can assist you through the application process, including the provision of specialised risk assessments such as those for air emissions and groundwater.

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We have considerable experience in environmental permitting of a range of waste management facilities as well as permitting of discharges to groundwater and surface water.


We offer a comprehensive range of investigatory and advisory services relating to flooding issues incorporating best practice from feasibility study and development of design through to implementation. Hydrologists at Caulmert have applied their skills to a great number of studies for the Environment Agency, internal drainage boards and private clients.

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Hydrological assessments are carried out to calculate the runoff from large or small, rural or urban catchments to provide input into hydraulic models, based on the latest developments in flood estimation.

Hydraulic modelling is carried out to assess the risk and extent of flooding to urban areas from sewer systems, rivers, overland flows, overtopping and breaches.

Landfill Gas

Landfill gas is a valuable resource of renewable energy. Harnessed and utilised for energy generation, it can provide a significant revenue stream, unmanaged it can pose a risk to human health as well as the environment. It is therefore important to manage this resource efficiently to exploit all of its potential and to provide a safe environment.

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Caulmert can assist in all aspects of landfill gas management. Having worked closely with installers and operators of landfill gas extraction systems over many years, our specialist landfill gas team has considerable experience in designing and evaluating landfill gas extraction systems, undertaking landfill gas risk assessments, GasSim modelling and the production of landfill gas management.

Leachate Management

Our environmental team can assist with various aspects of leachate management, and has been involved in leachate management projects from the initial planning state of leachate management at the start-up of a landfill site, to dealing with leachate post-closure.

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We are able to assist with feasibility studies, option appraisals, water balance calculations, HAZOP studies as well as project and contract management of leachate treatment plant construction.

Noise Assessment

Caulmert provide a comprehensive environmental noise consultancy service, including noise monitoring, prediction, impact assessment and provision of advice regarding mitigation and environmental
noise control.

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We can also provide an assessment of occupational noise exposure levels for individuals and groups.

The daily or weekly noise exposure levels and peak noise levels can then be compared with the exposure action and limit values of the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005.

Renewable Energy

Our environmental scientists, engineers and planners are leading the way to balance sustainable development ideals and practical utilisation of resources. We recognise that effective management of our energy resources is one of the 21st century’s most pressing challenges.

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We service the traditional landfill sector as well as the sustainable and innovative areas of recycling, gasification, composting, MBT, biofuels, solar, wind energy and eco parks. Our projects range from regional strategy, planning, PPC/EP and licensing, EIAs, due diligence and public inquiries through to the detailed design of MRFs, landfill containment, anaerobic digestion installations and harnessing of landfill gas for energy production.

From first concept to site realisation, we start by understanding your aims and objectives. We can conduct feasibility assessments to establish the best technologies for that application. We also provide advice on the design, sizing and installation of projects and provide cost implementation plans and emissions savings predictions.

Contaminated Land Management and Assessment

Caulmert provides a comprehensive consultancy service covering all aspects of both the assessment and amelioration of risks arising from historic contamination of soils and groundwater. We also provide advice on the measures required to reduce risks in the future which may arise from the release of pollutants to the ground.

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We can design and deliver contaminated land appraisals – assessments of liabilities under the UK’s Part IIA Environmental Protection Act 1990 – tailored to every application, purpose and timeframe. Our services are flexible to meet our clients’ requirements and are supported by tools and software fully consistent with UK regulatory guidance and industry best practice.

As well as conventional intrusive environmental site assessments, we can provide advice and support concerning the management of waste during construction programmes. We can also assist our clients in the recognition and realization of value from construction arisings as well as brownfield and landfill sites.

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