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Spatial planning involves the management of the competing uses for space and the making of places that are valued and have identity. These twin activities focus on the location and quality of social, economic and environmental change.

Our Chartered Town Planners provide a comprehensive range of planning services across all sectors, including residential, commercial, retail, tourism, leisure, energy, waste and infrastructure.

We advise a broad spectrum of blue chip clients, in both the public and private sectors, and take pride in achieving a very high proportion of repeat business built on strong client relationships.

All commissions are handled by experienced planners, who are closely involved with projects on a day to day basis, who listen to the requirements of the client and are able to offer authoritative planning advice and assistance in response to those requirements.

In addition, our planners have the necessary vision and leadership skills to undertake project management and co-ordination, when required.


Planning: Development Appraisals and Pre-Application Advice

We undertake the preparation of development appraisals in order to assist both vendors and purchasers in assessing the development potential of land and buildings in the short, medium and long terms.

We provide pre-application advice, with a view to establishing the prospects of securing planning permission for a proposed development, and assist in tailoring development proposals to increase the likelihood of success.

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Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)

We co-ordinate the preparation of EIAs and have produced environmental statements for a wide variety of development projects, including renewable energy schemes, combined heat and power plants, waste to energy gasification plants, anaerobic digesters, highway schemes, rail projects, leisure developments, wastewater treatment works, landfill sites, new hospitals, business parks and mixed use urban regeneration projects.

We advise on the need for and implications of environmental impact assessment and prepare and submit requests for both screening and scoping opinions.


Planning Application and Appeals

We take pride in producing thorough, considered and robust planning applications which are capable of withstanding close scrutiny and provide a sound platform for negotiation with the Local Planning Authority and others.

In the event of a refusal of planning permission, we provide expert planning witness evidence and have an enviable record of success on appeal.


Planning Policy Advice

The UK planning system is predominantly ‘plan-led’, and planning decisions are required to be made in accordance with up-to-date development plan policy, unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

Our planners monitor the preparation and progress of emerging development plans, and prepare soundly based representations with a view to securing the adoption of appropriate land use allocations and policies.

Conversely, the absence of an up-to-date development plan, or an inadequate housing land supply, can create a window of opportunity for potential development. Where a planning policy vacuum may exist temporarily, we can advise on the timely promotion of such opportunities for sustainable development.


The Built and Natural Environment

We advise on development proposals affecting listed buildings or conservation areas. Our planners prepare and submit applications for listed building consent and conservation area consent and co-ordinate
the preparation of appropriate material to support such applications.

Drawing upon specialist landscape assessments or ecological studies, we advise on the impact of development proposals upon landscape character, visual amenity and nature conservation. We seek to resolve potential conflicts through the design process and to promote the adoption of cost-effective and proportionate mitigation measures.



We prepare and submit applications for certificates of lawfulness of existing or proposed use or development, having first reviewed the robustness of the evidence base and the need for further supporting material.

Where the Local Planning Authority issues an enforcement notice, we are able to advise on its implications and, where justifiable, to identify such information as may be required to mount a legitimate challenge.

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