Powering the UK with clean, sustainable energy


The need for cleaner, safer, smarter energy is now almost universally recognised with significant investment in sustainable and renewable energy projects. Generating and distributing energy, whether by large scale solar or waste processing brings unique technical, commercial and logistical complexities.

Caulmert’s energy team is helping the UK’s leading energy innovators overcome these challenges to power the UK with clean, sustainable energy.

As technical advisors, we are supporting our clients from early concept and design stages through to delivery, covering all aspects of structural design, infrastructure, town planning and construction. Whilst our research team is undertaking early environmental studies to assess and advise on the impact of projects and their environment.

Our experience includes:

  • Solar
  • Combined Heat & Power (CHP)
  • AD Plant
  • Nuclear
  • Wind Energy
  • Hydro

We delivered facilities which generate circa 150MW comprising biomass and solar.

We worked on sites totalling over 300 hectares.

We have provided engineering and planning advice on one of the largest solar PV projects in the UK.

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