Creating smart, sustainable industrial facilities

Manufacturing, distribution and warehousing facilities are complex. Buildings and infrastructure need to accommodate unique and specialist plant, processing and storage requirements. As land becomes scarce and industrial businesses strive to innovate and increase productivity, how can they get more from their space?

Caulmert is helping global organisations to create smarter, more sustainable industrial facilities.

From advising on the capacity and limitations of your existing space through to refurbishments and the design and delivery of large, high tech developments, we have experience in all aspects of industrial development, including manufacturing facilities, warehousing and logistics facilities, data centres, utilities infrastructure, treatment and recycling facilities.

Our expertise spans a range of complex sectors:

  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Aviation
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Waste
  • Distribution

We have designed and secured planning permission for 30+ industrial schemes.

We have over 12 years’ industry, storage and distribution experience as an organisation.

We have delivered the design of industrial, storage and distribution facilities to the value of £50M.

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    Caulmert is one of less than 100 companies to achieve the The BRE Global BIM Level 2 Business Systems Certification

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